Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. The development and innovation of products is the motive power of enterprise to maintain long-term flourishing and create brand value
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R & D Team
Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. The development and innovation of products is the motive power of enterprise to maintain long-term flourishing and create brand value
The company has been attached great importance to research and development, spent heavily focused on the construction of a modern research and development center. R & D center is equipped with personal care research laboratories, home clean product research laboratories, physical and chemical testing laboratory and microbiological testing laboratory. R & D center has more than imported equipment for the development of high-quality products and laid a solid foundation. R & D center brings together domestic personal care and household cleaning industry experts and recipe development engineers, quality engineers, and has many years experience in the successful development of products. Variety of product development, the main mask, eye mask and other skin care products, baby care and cleaning products, makeup products, Ms. health care products, household cleaning products and disinfectant products, some products are also filled a gap in the market. Actively carry out research and development center with domestic and foreign research institutions and internationally renowned authority vendor cooperation activities to ensure that domestic and foreign R & D technology and the latest technology standards. Tempered new product development process. More than 95% of the raw product formulations from internationally renowned suppliers such as Degussa, Cognis, Croda, Dow Corning, BASF and Shu Mei and so on. Before every new product has been formulated, we will each carry raw materials and ingredients carefully studied to obtain a variety of data to prove that they are safe and effective; Then we conduct formulation development work. Both need to pass the final formulation stability testing, experimental microbial challenge testing, security testing and efficacy testing, in order to put into full production, our unremitting efforts, is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of consumer product use.

The company will participate in enterprise technology center located in the business development strategy, major new products and technology decisions, is a high-level, high starting point, high level of R & D institutions, the whole enterprise technology management, decision-making and core leader. Since the development of enterprise technology center established so far, the company has a sound R & D system, the enterprise was named the national high-tech enterprises, the provincial technology center, Anhui provincial innovation pilot enterprises and research joint business model. Center facilities, advanced technology, personnel complete. Technology Center under the cosmetic product development room, family room clean product development, physical and chemical laboratory, microbiology laboratory, synthesized center. Center is equipped with a gas chromatograph, moisture analyzer, Abbe refractometer, high shear emulsifying machine, advanced microscopy and computer image acquisition system and other advanced detection equipment 60 sets, mostly foreign advanced, leading equipment, new technology, new products, new technology research and development has laid a solid material foundation.