The newly introduced 80-roll fully automatic high-speed production line could cut 80 rolls of nonwoven fabrics simultaneously, and has an output of up to 150 packs/minute.
80 Rolls high-speed
Imported (WB-8C)
Auto Facial Mas
Water Purification System
Solution Preparation Center


Jieya owns multiple sets of domestically leading
production equipment. The materials-contacting
equipment, containers, pipelines, valves, and
transfer pump, etc. are all made of SUS316L,
featured by smooth and flat surface, being easy
to clean and sterilize, anti-corrosive, not having
chemical reaction with products or absorbing
products, and meet GMP production requirements
Jieya focuses on each detail, in order to guarantee
the safety of products sufficiently!


Upper coaxial tri-agitator is adopted for isotropic
emulsification, high-shearing vortex emulsion
agitator is adopted as isotropic head, and slow
wall-scraping agitator hangs to the bottom and
wall of boiler automatically. The whole working
procedures are conducted in vacuum condition.
This could effectively prevent materials from
producing air bubbles after high-speed mixing,
and ensure products to be sanitarian and sterilized.
The automatic weighing system with precision
of up to 1/1000 from Mettler Toledo, a famous
supplier of precision equipment in Switzerland,
is adopted for preparation and production of
wet wipes solutions. The automatic solution
preparation control system may realize the control
on solution preparation process and formula, as
well as the association of product batch number
and raw material batch number according to
specified technical requirements of solution
preparation, in order to guarantee the quality
and traceability of products. Also, the system is
equipped with CIP cleaning system.