The newly introduced 80-roll fully automatic high-speed production line could cut 80 rolls of nonwoven fabrics simultaneously, and has an output of up to 150 packs/minute.
80 Rolls high-speed
Imported (WB-8C)
Auto Facial Mas
Water Purification System
Solution Preparation Center

Jieya’s complete set of water treatment system
is automatically controlled with computer, and
here, all pipelines are made of SUS316L stainless
steel. After being filtered through 7 procedures,
the water at the terminal reaches the purification
grade, and meets the requirements of China

By means of removing fine solid particles and
other little impurities floating in water with sand
and carbon, absorbing chlorine and organics
dissociating in water, removing the chromaticity,
and conducting two-stage reverse osmosis and
EDI processing, etc., the high-purity water purifying
system purifies common tap water into high-purity
process water, and provides sufficient guarantee
for the high quality of products.