The newly introduced 80-roll fully automatic high-speed production line could cut 80 rolls of nonwoven fabrics simultaneously, and has an output of up to 150 packs/minute.
80 Rolls high-speed
Imported (WB-8C)
Auto Facial Mas
Water Purification System
Solution Preparation Center


Along with the constant enhancement of
consumption demand, Jieya has optimized
the functions of the existing production lines
according to market demand, and introduced new
production lines in order to guarantee the high
quality of products. The WB-8C new wet wipes
production line introduced from Japan in 2011
has broken through the traditional manufacturing
mode of wet wipes. Precisely, the advanced air
suction device has changed traditional folding
mode of traction, and greatly improved the
smoothness of drawing multiple wet wipes
simultaneously. In addition, integrating multiple
functions like quantitative liquid adding, automatic
fabric receiving, membrane replacement,
automatic deviation rectification, automatic glue
supply, automatic cover gluing, and automatic
removal, etc., the production line has not only
raised the grade of products, but also ensured the
quality of products to the greatest extent.